Summerhill Bowling Club


Refurbishment of a 1936 lawn bowling club house, a favourite of W. G. Grace,  located in central Newcastle in a conservation area on the only remaining Georgian Square in the City. The project has enabled re-use of the building as a community hall and function facility for a charity formed of local residents whilst retaining it’s bowling club use. We have secured £50,000 of local authority funding so far and are working with the charity to help them find further funds.

The scheme has involved various phases of work to improve and make alterations to the internal arrangement of the building to make it more suitable for the types of events that the charity wishes to hold. Essential repairs and improvements are ongoing in a bid to sustain the building into the future, as finances are raised.

The pavilion now houses a generous function hall that has been the host of school and community events, weddings and fitness classes as well as seasonal celebrations.