Life Transformation Church


John Dobson’s The Church Of St Paul in High Elswick, had fallen into major disrepair over recent years as the congregation diminished. Built in the mid-1800s for the growing community of workers from the munitions factories west of Newcastle city centre, the church is now surrounded by 1960s and 70s local authority housing and is somewhat hidden away.

Vandalism and poor repairs  has resulted in severe issues with damp and structural decay. The building now requires much carefully managed and specified remedial work to bring it back into full use.

Life Transformation Ministeries have used the building for their congregation since 2009, meeting in the attached community centre and are now gradually renovating the main church building, reversing the damage caused by years of neglect. Very much a work in progress, renovations are being undertaken as funding is found, £375,000 of lottery funding having been secured in total so far.